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Three types of disaster loans


Housing and personal property loans

Subsidy items and amount:

  1. Preferential use of owner-occupied housing: the owner of the housing can apply for a maximum amount of up to $200,000. SBA may increase the loan fee up to 20% at its discretion.      

2. If the applicant cannot obtain credit elsewhere and the damage suffered is serious and not covered by insurance, the SBA can adjust the priority order of mortgage of the loaned house.

3. Personal property: You can apply for a loan of up to $40,000 for replacement or repair.


Business actual damage loan

Subsidy items and amount:

1. Applicants can apply for a loan up to $2,000,000 for repair or replacement: (1) Property (2) Gravity machinery (3) Instruments (4) Fixed objects (5) Inventory (6) Lease improvement.     

2. The catastrophe loan is designed to help uninsured damaged property. If the applicant needs to apply for insurance money for the outstanding mortgage, then the total amount of insurance money should be mentioned when applying for the loan.

  3.     The loan amount cannot be used for business development.


Financial loss loan

Subsidy items and amount:

1. The maximum loan amount can be applied for $2,000,000. It depends on the economic loss and financial needs of the business, not the actual loss of the business.

2. The so-called "significant economic loss" refers to the inability of small businesses to afford normal and necessary operating expenses due to disasters.

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