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Traffic ticket

Speeding ticket  Driving in the United States often encounters the situation of being issued a ticket. Perhaps the following are several ways to deal with the ticket.

Process summary

Suggested way: Written Declaration

    1.   The police issued a ticket

    2.   Hire professional lawyers to handle related matters

    3.   Receive a formal Traffic Notice to Appear in a few weeks

    4.   Request an extension of court time (by phone or email)

    5.   There are three options to revoke the ticket

       1. Plead Guilty pays tickets online

       2. Contest in Person

       3. Written Declaration

    6.   Attach a written request

    7.   Go to Notice to Appear and check Written Declaration

    8.   Attach a check (bail amount)

    9.   Go to the official website to download and fill in the TR-205 form

    10. Graphical proof and statement of facts

    11. Submit documents before the deadline

    12. Waiting for the court decision after 1-2 months

Application fee

Attorney's fee: 80% of the ticket fee (successful package)

Please call 626-802-5085 or 626-802-5083 for free consultation

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