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Civil cases

Illegal dismissal

How to protect your rights when you are dismissed due to "discrimination", "retaliation", "inconsistency with the contract" and other reasons


How to apply for divorce and how to deal with property after divorce

sexual harassment

How to protect your rights after being sexually harassed Sexual harassment is considered a form of gender discrimination (see Chapter 7 of the Employment Discrimination Act). Sexual harassment litigation is traditionally divided into two types:

Exchange harassment : When a company executive or a person in an authoritative position seeks to have sex in exchange for benefits such as promotion and salary increase, or punishes and threatens employees for not responding.

Hostile working environment : When an employee encounters very common and serious discrimination or harassment in the workplace, the employee is afraid to go to work for fear of being offended, intimidated, or exposed to this potentially bullying work environment.


Landlord and tenant disputes

How to deal with housing disputes


Drafting and reviewing contracts

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Criminal case

domestic violence

Domestic violence refers to a person's intentional intimidation of another intimate partner, deliberate intimidation, physical attack, etc. It can include physical violence, sexual violence, psychological violence, and emotional abuse.

Restaurant, drunk driving


Unlicensed massage

The law stipulates that only licensed persons can perform massages or treatments for guests, and can use the professional name "masseur" or "physiotherapist". If you provide services to guests without a license, the law stipulates that the defendant will be prosecuted for an "E" class felony.

Prostitution, etc.


Federal crime

In recent years, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Tobacco, Alcohol and Firearms Administration, Drug Enforcement Administration, and National Security Agency have increased their efforts to enforce federal laws and investigate drug crimes, cyber crimes, terrorist attacks, economic crimes, and other federal criminal crimes. . The content of the survey may involve your financial situation, shopping, online activities and other behaviors. When you are under the jurisdiction of the federal judicial system, compared with the state legal system, the federal judicial system is more complicated and stricter, and the parties may even be prosecuted to serious crimes.


Appeal case

If you have already been convicted, you may still get a post-conviction commutation. These commutations include the possibility of a revocation or a reduced sentence. However, appeals are actually very complicated and require proficiency in the law and persuasive language skills. Criminal charges do not necessarily mean loss of freedom, loss of voting rights, or reduced employment opportunities. We will strive to protect the rights of our customers. Regardless of the severity of the court prosecution faced by the client, the defense lawyers of Kaixuan United Law Firm can provide legal defense for the client. We will do our best to obtain a fair verdict for our clients' misdemeanor or felony lawsuits.

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