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  • 在本所网站载列的联络资料将自始至终是凯旋联合法律事务所以及其合伙人及员工的最准确资料。如果阁下有理由相信通信不合法,我们鼓励阁下独立核实在任何电子邮件、信函或电话中给予阁下的资料详情。

  • 如果阁下收到声称来自凯旋联合律师事务所的通信,且不确定其真实性,请联络凯旋联合法律事务所(地址: 630 W Duarte Rd. #302 Arcadia, CA 91007,电子  件:,办公室电话:626-802-5085)。



  • 非事务所合伙人、非正式员工、未获得事务所正式授权的人员宣布和传播的信息、通信、活动等

  • 与欺诈性通信相关的所有事件

  • 无事务所官方授权或许可的文件、活动、言论、行为

  • 非事务所官方通讯和联络方式输出的信息。



Fraudulent Scams Alert

PR LAW CENTER has a brand that is trusted and respected. Unfortunately, this means that there are people who use our brand to attempt to carry out fraudulent schemes.


We are aware of a number of fraudulent communications claiming to be from our firm or our employee. These correspondents have disseminated false information and service descriptions without the approval of the firm, attempting to mislead the public, block new and old customers from contacting the firm, and damage the reputation and interests of the firm.


How can you protect yourself?


  • The contact information listed on our website will always be the most accurate information for PR LAW CENTER and its Partners and employees. We encourage you to independently verify details given to you on any email, letter or telephone call if you have reason to believe that the communication is not legitimate.

  • If you receive a communication purporting to be from PR LAW CENTER and are unsure as to its authenticity, please contact PR LAW CENTER at 630 W Duarte Rd. #305 Arcadia, CA 91007, email and/or call: 626-802-5085.


PR LAW CENTER is not responsible for any losses caused by the following personnel and events:

  • Information, communications, events, etc. announced and disseminated by non-partners, non-employees, and personnel not officially authorized by the firm

  • All events related to fraudulent communications

  • Documents, activities, speeches, behaviors that are not authorized or licensed by the firm

  • Information from unofficial communications and contacts.

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