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​about us


PR Law Firm has provided legal services, lawyer recommendation, and public relations services for more than 20 years. It adheres to the purpose of serving the majority of Chinese Americans with the law, and regards "serving the Chinese" as the value of the firm's existence. In the process of continuously improving service levels and capabilities, we have accumulated a lot of experience and resources, making American culture and laws easy to understand, helping clients and their families to obtain immediate and long-term visas, and achieve the goal of staying in the United States.


Accurately sort out the facts : Extract legal facts from the consultant’s doubts, disputes and other life or business activities, and find the key to the problem.
Professional legal analysis : Combining legal professional background and practical experience to provide professional, reliable and effective professional legal analysis.
Provide solutions : Avoid the common problem of "ambiguity" in traditional legal consultation, and provide clear solutions for the consultants.

PR LAW CENTER Future Outlook

PR LAW CENTER has an office in Arcadia, USA, as well as multiple offices in China. No matter where the client currently lives, we can provide immigration assistance to help them realize their dream of immigration. In the future, Kaixuan United Law Firm will devote itself to the development of immigration programs with high compound interest value, and achieve one-stop immigration to the United States, asset transformation, and children's higher education for all types of immigrant clients.

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