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​Investment immigration

EB-5 Investment Immigrant Visa  Specially issued to investors who are trying to establish a company that can provide employment opportunities in the United States. Investors should create at least ten jobs that do not include their immediate family members. If the investment is in a more remote area or a higher employment rate, the investment quota can be appropriately reduced.

Apply for qualifications

The business entity invested by the applicant must be a profit-oriented enterprise, including companies, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and other legal persons or sole proprietorships, but does not include non-profit organizations. The applicant's investment amount is not less than 1.8 million U.S. dollars. But in some cases, the investment threshold is no less than US$900,000.

Application materials

Applicants need to provide legal proof of required investment funds and business plan and other supporting documents

Application fee

Government fees: $3,675 Application period: usually 3 and a half years-4 years

Application cycle

Usually 3 and a half years-4 years

Please call 626-802-5085 or 626-802-5083 for free consultation

The above immigration policy and fees may be fine-tuned, please contact us for details

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